Why Your Young Athlete Should Wear A Mouthguard

If your child participates in contact sports or any “extreme” activities like skating, a custom-fitted mouthguard from Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry is the best way to keep their teeth healthy and safe from injuries. Read on to learn more about mouthguards and why they're so important for young athletes.

Why Are Sports Mouthguards So Important?

Along with accidental slips and falls, hard hits during contact sports are a very common cause of tooth damage and loss. A sports mouthguard from Dr. Michael Wang and the team from Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry is the best way to protect your child’s smile.

Sports mouthguards are made from durable plastic and are customized to fit perfectly over your child’s teeth. If your child is struck in the mouth while wearing a mouthguard, this mouthguard will protect and cushion their teeth, dramatically reducing the risk of injury. According to studies reviewed by the ADA, wearing a mouthguard can prevent somewhere between 82% and 93% of dental injuries.

When Should My Child Wear Their Sports Mouthguard?

Despite the term, your child shouldn’t only wear their sports mouthguard when participating in contact sports like football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey. They should also wear it during any high-risk activity that could result in a serious oral injury.

Depending on what your child likes to do, this could include skateboarding, roller skating, BMX biking, mountain biking, parkour, slacklining, rock climbing, and any other activity where they could slip, fall, or take a blow to the face. While wearing their sports mouthguard, your child is much less likely to experience serious oral injuries like loose or knocked-out teeth.

Why Should My Child Get A Custom-Fitted Mouthguard From A Dentist?

There are lots of “boil and bite” mouthguards out there, and these are often marketed to kids. As the name suggests, these are pliable, soft mouthguards that you drop into hot water. Then, your child bites into the mouthguard to create a mold of their bite. 

These are better than wearing nothing at all, of course! However, choosing a custom-fitted mouthguard from Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry has some great benefits:

  • Better fit and superior protection – Custom mouthguards usually incorporate both soft and hard plastics that provide superior protection for your child’s teeth. A custom fit also ensures that force from slips, falls, or hits during sports will be evenly spread across their teeth, further reducing the risk of oral injury.

  • Enhanced comfort – Because your child’s mouthguard will be built specifically to fit them, it will feel more comfortable. This means your child is more likely to wear it, and they also will have an easier time communicating and speaking, which is very important for most team sports.

  • More durable and lasts longer – Custom mouthguards from a Fremont pediatric dentist are much more durable and can last longer. Boil and bite mouthguards usually only last one season at most, and your child may even need a replacement mid-season. This benefit is especially good for older teens whose mouths aren’t changing as much, since they may be able to use their custom mouthguard for multiple years without any issues.

Protect Your Child’s Mouth – Schedule Their Consultation With Dr. Wang Today!

With a sports mouthguard, you dramatically reduce your child or teen’s risk of oral injuries from contact sports and “extreme” outdoor hobbies. So don’t wait. Invest in their oral health by scheduling a consultation at Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry today. Dr. Wang is always accepting new patients, so feel free to contact us online or call our team at (510) 980-7325 to schedule your child’s sports mouthguard fitting in Fremont.

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