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What Is A Pulpotomy?

If your child hasan infection in a baby tooth, a pulpotomy may beisused to remove the infected pulp from inside their tooth. Then, a specialdressing is applied to the inside of their tooth to help the remaining pulpheal, and prevent further infection. After that, the tooth is covered up with acrown to protect it from further damage.

A pulpotomy is alsosometimes called a “baby root canal.” This is because it’s similar to a rootcanal procedure, but it’s done on a baby tooth. But unlike a root canal, apulpotomy removes only some of the pulp inside your child’s tooth.

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Laughing gas is safe, effective, and has been used in dentistry since the late 19th century

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What To Expect From The Pulpotomy Procedure

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Tooth preparation

To begin the procedure,Dr. Wang will clean your child’s mouth and numb the area around their tooth. We can also provide sedation to keep your child comfortable. Then, he willremove any decayed enamel from the outside of the tooth. Sometimes, treatment under sedation might be recommended in order to keep your child comfortable during a pulpotomy procedure.

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Opening the tooth

Next, Dr. Wang willcreate a small opening on the surface of your child’s tooth. Through thisopening, he will remove the decayed and infected pulp from the inside of thetooth. Once that’s done, he will apply a special medicated dressing to thetooth's interior, then seal the tooth.

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Restoring their tooth

Once your child’spulpotomy is finished, Dr. Wang will apply a stainless steel crown to thetooth. This crown will cover up and protect the remaining tooth structure, andkeep it healthy and strong until the baby tooth falls out naturally.

The Benefits Of Pulpotomies

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Eliminate Pain

If your child has an infected tooth pulp in one of their baby teeth, this can cause serious pain and discomfort. With a pulpotomy from Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry, you can eliminate their pain, get peace of mind, and get back to your little one’s day-to-day routine without the distraction of tooth pain.

Prevent Tooth Loss

If your child has an infected tooth and doesn’t get treatment with a pulpotomy, their condition will likely worsen. Eventually, it may be necessary for Dr. Wang to extract their tooth and replace it with a space maintainer, which will help maintain the proper gap in their smile until their adult tooth erupts into place.

Save Time & Money

By choosing to get a pulpotomy for your child, you can avoid the need for more complex treatments like extractions and space maintainers. This saves you both time and money, and makes your life simpler.

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Sedation options keep restless children calm while receiving dental treatment.

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Does A Pulpotomy Procedure Hurt?

No. Your child’smouth will be completely numb during the process, and we offer dental sedation in Fremont to help them feelcomfortable during their procedure. Their treated tooth may be a bit sore for aday or two after their treatment, but that’s it!

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Is A Pulpotomy Covered By Insurance?

Yes. If you havepediatric dental insurance for your child, pulpotomies are typically covered,since they are a “medically necessary” procedure. However, the amount that yourdental insurance will pay toward the cost of this procedure depends on thespecifics of your plan. For more information, we recommend consulting with yourpolicy documents or with your insurer.

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16% of school age children have a fear of the dentist.

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