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What is special needs dentistry?

If your child has special healthcare needs due to a complex medical history, physical or cognitive limitations, severe dental anxiety, or developmental conditions, then a pediatric dentist who provides special needs care is the best place they can go to receive adequate and accommodating dental care.

Special needs dentistry is the process of making the dental environment comforting and suitable to the child with special needs so that they can get the dental treatment that they need and deserve through compassionate and understanding care.

This may involve altering the space, providing special amenities, using dental sedation, providing open communication with the patient, and altering the way we conduct treatment. Contact us at Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with your Fremont pediatric dentist.

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More than 5 million teeth are knocked out every year in both children and adults.

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What to expect at your child's
special needs dental visit in Fremont

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If your child has special needs, we request that you inform us ahead of their appointment so we can properly accommodate them. Inform us if they have any sensory issues or require special accommodations.

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Office Tour

Children with special needs or dental anxiety can often benefit from visiting the office and meeting Dr. Michael before their actual appointment. This gets them acquainted with the environment and increases trust and comfort.

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Sedation Options

We offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation for patients who have dental anxiety or special needs. This increases feelings of relaxation, reduces restlessness and stress, and increases cooperation.

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Medical History

Please provide us with any relevant medical information that we should know about and records of their oral health history.

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Dental Cleaning

During their dental cleaning, a scaler is used to scrape away plaque and tartar. The teeth are then polished and flossed. We will then apply a fluoride varnish to the teeth to strengthen the enamel.

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Treatment Plan

Afterward, we’ll discuss if we found any signs of oral health problems that require further treatment. If so, we will discuss scheduling follow-up appointments.

Care strategies for
patients with special needs

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Our Care Strategies

Some useful tools in treating patients with special needs are to provide open, honest, and trustworthy dental care by establishing a consistent dental home.

Our Fremont pediatric dentist is an expert in your child’s oral health care and taking them to the same dentist from a young age will reduce dental anxiety and foster positive feelings toward dental care.

We can also offer dental sedation for those with physical disabilities or dental anxiety. If your child requires alteration to the environment in the treatment room, we are happy to make these accommodations.

This may include altering the lighting, changing to a bigger room, allowing them extra time to complete their appointment, and providing them with comforting amenities like noise-canceling headphones and entertainment.

If you can provide us with their relevant medical history so we know what special needs to take into consideration and what medications if any they are taking, this will help guide our treatment practices.

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Putting a knocked out tooth in milk, not water, can preserve the root while you head to your emergency appointment.

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What conditions fall under special healthcare needs? 

Developmental, physical, or medical conditions that affect your child’s ability to receive traditional dental treatment are considered special needs. This can include something like dental anxiety because it can provide barriers to treatment.

Conditions like Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, epilepsy, visual or hearing impairment, mental health conditions, and brain conditions or injuries are just some examples of special needs.

However, conditions like depression and sleep apnea can also fall under this umbrella term, as people with these conditions have an increased risk of oral health problems that directly correlate with their overall health and may affect our approach to their treatment.

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Why might my child's condition affect their overall health? 

Physical and cognitive conditions may affect their oral health by inhibiting their ability to sit for a dental appointment in a traditional setting. A child with sensory issues, autism, or dental anxiety may feel overwhelmed or stressed by seeing the dentist, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Certain medical conditions can affect your child’s saliva production, cavity risk, susceptibility to gum disease, and ability to eat certain foods. All of these things have a significant impact on their oral health.

How should I brush my child's teeth if they have special healthcare needs? 

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The most important thing is for your child to be brushing their teeth twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Other than this, the type of toothbrush they use and the method of brushing their teeth is less important.

If your child has dexterity issues, you may need to brush their teeth for them, assist them, or monitor them. Show them how to hold and use their toothbrush and then instruct them as they do it themselves. Pick out a toothbrush that improves their ability to brush with ease.

This may mean selecting a toothbrush with a larger handle and a smaller head. Let them choose a toothbrush that they like which increases the likelihood that they will want to brush their teeth. Make sure they are using the proper amount of toothpaste for their age.

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Losing a baby tooth too early can be a dental emergency.  

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