Silver Diamine Fluoride

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What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)?

Silver Diamine Fluoride, called SDF for short, is an alternative to dental fillings for baby teeth. SDF consists of a mixture of silver, fluoride, ammonia, and water that’s “painted” onto a cavity. This mixture hardens and seals the tooth, preventing any further decay and eliminating the need for a dental filling.

While it’s not always an option for every cavity, SDF is a fantastic alternative to dental fillings for many kids. If your child has a cavity in one of their baby teeth and you’d like to avoid getting a filling, SDF from Dr. Michael Wang at Mission Peak Pediatric Dentistry may be the right choice.

Silver Diamine Fluoride for Kids in Fremont

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Laughing gas is safe, effective, and has been used in dentistry since the late 19th century

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What To Expect From The Silver Diamine Fluoride Process

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Tooth prep and cleaning

First, our team will gently clean and dry your child’s tooth to remove debris, and prepare it for the silver diamine fluoride material. This ensures that the liquid can bond tightly to your little one’s tooth.

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SDF application

Our Fremont pediatric dentist will dip a small brush into a container of SDF, and apply this liquid directly to your child’s tooth, where it will be absorbed for about a minute. Then, he will apply a layer of fluoride varnish on top of the tooth. This provides further protection and stops the silver diamine fluoride from being washed away by saliva.

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Follow-up treatments

For maximum effectiveness, SDF must be reapplied once or twice per year, depending on the patient. Dr. Wang can re-apply SDF as part of your child’s routine six-month teeth cleanings and oral exams. This will continue until your child’s baby tooth falls out and is replaced by an adult tooth.

Drill-Free Cavity Treatment
Understanding The Dental Issues SDF Can Treat

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Cavities In Baby Teeth

SDF is only used to treat cavities in baby teeth. This is because it’s a highly effective way to halt the progression of cavities, and is particularly good for kids who may be afraid of dental drills and tooth fillings. However, it does discolor the treated tooth, turning parts of it a black-gray color. This is fine for baby teeth since they're meant to fall out and be replaced by healthy adult teeth.

However, this is not ideal for adult teeth. If your child has a cavity in an adult tooth, we will typically recommend an alternative treatment like a dental filling or a dental crown, depending on the extent of the cavity.

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Sedation options keep restless children calm while receiving dental treatment.

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Is SDF Treatment Painful?

Not at all. SDF treatment involves no shots, pills, drills, or any other invasive steps. Dr. Wang will simply clean your child’s tooth, coat it with SDF and fluoride, and let it dry. That’s it! This makes things easy for kids, especially kids who may be afraid of the dentist.

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How Long Does SDF Last?

SDF usually lasts between 3-12 months, depending on the child. This means that Dr. Wang will have to re-apply SDF multiple times to keep your child’s tooth healthy. Our team will continue applying SDF to protect your child’s tooth until their baby tooth is replaced by a healthy adult tooth.

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How Else Can I Prevent My Child From Getting Cavities?

Make sure they brush and floss properly, and eat a healthy diet that’s low in sugar, particularly sugary drinks. Coming to Mission Peak Dentistry every six months for a checkup and a teeth cleaning will also help keep your little one’s teeth healthy.

If your child is very cavity-prone, you may also want to consider dental sealants in Fremont. In this procedure, Dr. Wang will apply a transparent liquid resin to your child’s teeth. Then, he will harden it with a special light, creating a strong barrier that helps prevent cavities. With dental sealants, you can dramatically reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities in their baby teeth.

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16% of school age children have a fear of the dentist.

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